07 Feb

Write Right and ADHD

ADHD students

ADHD is the most common behavioral disorder in childhood and adolescence, affecting about 3% to 5% of children before seven. This complication is more common in children in early school and during puberty, and many patients get better with age. The cause of most patients with ADHD is not yet clear, but it is thought to be a multifactorial disease with genetic roots and the environment. Of course, there is a definite cause for cause of trauma and brain infection. The genetic factor of this complication is more present in the fathers of children with hyperactivity, but environmental factors are also very effective in increasing the severity of this complication. This disorder is two to four times more common in boys than girls. If the baby has a nutritional or health problem during infancy, the first four weeks of life, or if the mother smokes or drinks alcohol during pregnancy, these babies are at greater risk for ADHD.