This section provides access to an elaborate report detailing the progression of the application and offers further insights into the history and development of the Write Right Game application.



Mr. Kharazmi, the proprietor of Amel System, an innovative organization specializing in app development, conducts regular appointments on behalf of the company to present progress reports to the board of directors.

Monthly board meetings serve as the platform for analyzing emerging challenges and devising strategic solutions. Following cohesive collaboration between the software development team and the client, project requirements were outlined, leading to the decision that the software architecture would encompass both a Website and a Mobile Application.

The website serves as the centralized hub for managing and distributing information relating to "words" and "letters," while the mobile application is tailored for the educational guidance of children.


CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT Discussions revolved around the feasibility of leveraging the Write Right application and Write Right 2 for children's educational advancement.

Numerous virtual meetings were conducted to determine the optimal number of letters within words for dictation sessions aimed at children.

While the initial focus was on words comprising 3, 4, and 5 letters, the developmental process of the application accentuated the significance of establishing a robust infrastructure to accommodate longer words. The project team further deliberated on various phases of the development process, project constraints, and timeline considerations. Subsequently, a software prototype was meticulously crafted to incorporate the insights derived from these collaborative discussions and exchanges.


REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION This section elucidates the instructions regarding requirement analysis provided to all project teams.

The programmer, test, and graphics teams were extensively briefed on the project's objectives and specifications, along with the identification of the requisite technology for software development.


SOFTWARE DESIGN DETAILED PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS The system's architectural blueprint has been delineated following an analysis of our requirements, laying down the design strategy for the system in this phase.

This document shall serve as crucial support for the system's progression in the subsequent phase.


SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Database and Code Development Post comprehensive scrutiny of requirements and vital elements, subsequent to our approval and the System Architecture Designer's endorsement of the prototype, the application team commenced implementation.

An essential task at this juncture is the structuring and establishment of the software's repository of information. Concurrently, as the information repository design progresses, front- and back-end programmers initiate the development of necessary software components and classes.

Testing Test Case Development An array of test cases was formulated based on diverse scenarios. Subsequently, the expected data, outcomes, conditions, and actions for each test case were organized and documented in a corresponding table.

Maintenance & Enhancements UI/UX Design During the software design and implementation phase, the development team initiated the formulation of various UI design concepts for review. Upon selection and approval of a specific UI design, essential UX enhancements to the program will be developed. The graphic designer will furnish indispensable elements for the scenario.

Alpha Prototype Digitized Alpha iteration of the website and application was presented to the employer during the Alpha stage.

The Write Right application is an interactive educational game designed to facilitate English letter-writing activities and enhance language learning skills for children. The application seamlessly integrates educational content into a playful gameplay experience, allowing children to explore various language aspects like the alphabet, words, sounds, meanings, and dictation.

The application adheres to established pedagogical principles akin to conventional instructional materials, ensuring consistency in the learning methodologies across both physical and digital realms. Besides content delivery, the application's design and implementation play pivotal roles as integral components of the holistic Write Right project.

Our initiative aims to extend learning opportunities to children beyond traditional classroom settings, fostering continuous educational development in diverse environments. Furthermore, Write Right caters to a specific demographic by offering a unique product package and application tailored for children with learning disabilities. This underserved group, characterized by distinct educational challenges, necessitates specialized attention. As a pioneering company, we have embarked on a mission to address the educational needs of these students by providing a tailored product solution to enhance their learning journey effectively.


How Does the Write Right Application Operate? The Write Right application serves as an educational game that allows children to engage in English letter writing activities and practice language skills.

Through this platform, children can explore various language facets, including the alphabet, vocabulary, phonetics, comprehension, and partake in interactive gameplay.


How to Access the Write Right Application? Please access the link provided on our website to download and immerse yourself in the Write Right game application experience.

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