07 Feb

Write Right and ADD

Students with ADD (attention deficit disorder)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD) is a neurological disorder that causes many behavioral problems in education, focusing on homework, doing assigned tasks, following instructions, and social interaction. Students with ADD are likely to have learning disabilities and are often prone to recurrent disciplinary problems in schools.

In fact, adults and classmates consider them lazy by observing their inattention and failure to perform tasks. Although ADD disorder is prevalent, misconceptions about the disease remain.

Write Right’s relationship with ADD students

As the name implies, this type of inactivity is an important feature. Both Write Right's products (Physical and application) allow these children to educate based on their characteristics and learning. These children are not sensitive to their duties and responsibilities and do not worry about doing so.

Write Right, in which the element of motivation and excitement is reinforced using magnetic letters, creates intrinsic motivation in children and challenges their passivity to a large extent.