The best age for learning a second language

English is the most important way of communication among the people in the world nowadays. To know the right age for starting to learn English, has become a big challenge for families. If children start to learn English later than the time they should, that means a huge waste of golden time which is the best age for learning in children.

So the question is what is the best age for children for starting to learn a second language?

     This is one of the most important things that parents deal with when it comes to teaching and learning English. Unfortunately, there are so many different comments about this topic that the opinions become impractical and useless and makes the parents more confused.

     Many people believe that it would be better to learn a second language after learning the mother tongue completely. They have named this method “Learning in order”. Some people recommend to learn the second language while learning the first one, and they call this method as “Combined learning”.

Which of these to is more compatible with children’s brain structure?

     The function of children’s brain towards learning is like the function of sponge towards water and it has a greedily intention to absorb information. Therefore, do not ever worry about starting to learn a second language at an early age. According to Eric Jensen, American Neuroanatomist, children’s brain has special cells specifically for learning a new language. The combination of these cells and the actions of brain is designed and used for learning a second language. The amount of these cells is so enormous that the child can learn the most minor differences in pronunciation. But as the children grow up these actions almost fade away and the cells designed for learning will be replaced by the cells which are for other functions.

      According to these facts, you should expose children to English before they become 1-year-old. here we use the word “expose” instead of “teaching” because basically there can’t be any teaching at this age.